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The new market space is a good tool steel
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According to Luo Baihui survey, currently there are different types and different forms of mold city over 80, more than half have formed a certain scale, the 2008 output had mold around the city amounted to 27 billion yuan, of which about 17 billion mold yuan, the scale has been reflected. Moreover, the development of cluster production methods for the development of modern manufacturing services and to die as the core of the development of China's mold industry chain has made a significant contribution, and its significance is great. Currently cluster production is still evolving, the overall situation is good.

Luo Baihui analysis pointed out: At present, many types of new die steel, tool steel, but the development of new space is still very large. Moreover, some new steel mold needs to be improved. For example, in recent years, the rapid development of the development of low prices, high abrasion resistance, there is enough strength and toughness of ceramics, refractory brick mold steel is an urgent need to address the issue. With a diverse product range just die, then die complicate working conditions, reasonable selection timber is more important and urgent. Therefore an urgent need to establish timber mold material selection expert system.

Our strategic goal is the development of mold steel: the use of advanced equipment and technology, using advanced metallurgical methods and processes, such as refining, remelting, vacuum processing, multi-directional forging rolling, forging, finishing, production of pure the degree of high-quality steel; increase the production of high uniformity, higher directional modules, flat steel, square steel, sheet metal. Provide products, quality of the steel products through machining, quenching methods. The country is rich in resources, alloy tool steel and labor resources into steel products advantages and improve international competitiveness, expand exports.

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