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Recent cold rolled coil market is still hard to rebound
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The reporter package Sven

Since early August, cold-rolled sheet market weakness and did not change significantly. Market demand, trading flat, the price downtrend in consolidation, the operators on the market is not optimistic about the near future. Li Zhong, general manager of Shanghai Rui-kun Double Metal Materials Co. predicted in the short term, the possibility of cold rolled sheet market price rebound is unlikely.

Zhong recent cold rolled dual-run trend of tracking market research shows that last week, the Shanghai cold rolled sheet market transactions in general, cold rolled coil prices fell 30 yuan / ton, down because the ore futures prices, the impact spot steel market. Expected next week, the market is still optimistic about the cold rolled sheet, due to the end, the operator of financial pressure increases, the likelihood of price rebound is unlikely.

Recently, the market price of cold-rolled sheet Yindie than, consolidation down. On Thursday, the Shanghai cold rolled coil prices stable and downs, some of the specifications price fell 10 yuan / ton to 20 yuan / ton. Among them, 2.75 mm × 1250 毫米 × C HRC (Q235B) offer 3410 yuan / ton to 3420 yuan / ton, 3.5 mm × 1500 毫米 × C HRC (Q235B) offer 3330 yuan / ton to 3340 yuan / ton, 毫米 4.75 mm × 1500 × C HRC (Q235B) offer 3300 yuan / ton to 3320 yuan / ton, 5.50 mm to 11.75 mm × 1500 毫米 × C HRC (Q235B) offer 3300 yuan / ton to 3310 yuan / ton . And cold rolled coils market: Angang produced 1.0 mm cold rolled coil offer 4040 yuan / ton, 1.2 mm above specifications offer 4020 yuan / ton; Benxi 1.0 mm cold-rolled flat production price 3990 yuan / ton, 1.2 mm or more transactions price of 3960 yuan / ton; Shougang, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, West and other steel production of cold-rolled products offer 3910 yuan / ton to 4,000 yuan / ton.

Several front-line sales staff on the "China Metallurgical News" reporter, said: "These days, HRC market prices have been Yindie decline mostly in the 10 yuan / ton to 20 yuan / ton, no clear signs stabilized in addition to the listing price. fall, there are dark fell, that price concessions. now, the actual transaction HRC has touched bottom, and some sold only 3260 yuan / ton to 3280 yuan / ton. even so, sales or small, a general decline in shipments in the early 30% ~ 50%. "

Cold rolled sheet market is sluggish, few customers purchase market, watching the atmosphere is very strong, the recent continuous rain also exacerbated weak cold rolled coils market, significantly reduced the volume. Few salespeople do not ship all day, eat "white" phenomenon has been surprising. "Everyone on the back of the stock market does not hold out much hope, if there is no effective demand in the downstream end released, does not alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, cold rolled sheet market price will be in the bottom area of consolidation, or are still dropping bottoming process." some operators of road.

There's operators believe that the shortage of funds is still an important reason to curb effective demand for the release of the downstream end. Near the end of August, the entire steel supply chain are facing lack of funds pressure: steel trading business in order to raise funds at the shipping price, return of the purchase price; downstream users also postponed due to the shortage of funds procurement of steel, to reduce the amount of funds used, mostly using now Buy, do not hoard goods provided library; a number of small and medium steel mills to ease the financial pressure, "price change" to attract customer orders, the introduction of a variety of incentives, on the spot market price formation of new shocks.

Let some traders worried that some mills "hedging" prices, after the implementation of the settlement pattern of the status quo, which leads to low-cost resources on the market, the spot price pressure. At present, the steel is actively negotiating with the dealer. Late, the amount of goods on the market after the settlement pattern will gradually increase, price competition is intensifying. Currently, the Shanghai market has been the proliferation of low-cost resources, if low-cost resources continue to increase, then the market price is difficult HRC stabilized stabilized, perhaps continued consolidation down, build a new bottom.

However, some operators for the upcoming "Golden September and Silver October," the steel city market is still expected, the steel city market or will be better than in July, August. The main reason is the introduction of a series of steady growth in the country, the implementation of micro-stimulation, structural adjustment, benefit people's livelihood and other austerity policies and initiatives, become dynamic and vibrant post-cold-rolled sheet market running smoothly.

However, more operators said: "oversupply, lack of demand, this situation is not to be radically changed, cold rolled sheet market for a time really together." At present, although cold rolled steel trading business has cash resources not abundant, full specifications are not complete, out of stock, out of stock phenomenon is more obvious, the Shanghai market was still cold rolled some of the resources in short supply, but the price does not rebound. The root cause of this phenomenon is the downstream end of effective demand shrinking. Currently, household appliances, automobiles and other mainstream consumer industries are cold rolled sheet recession, output declined. July this year, China's production of automotive 1,720,200, a decline of 7.29%, growth is slowing down; appliance industry performance is poor. At the same time, increasing domestic production of cold-rolled plate, in June, July remained high. In summary, the cold rolled sheet market supply and demand continues to intensify, in the case of a lack of funds throughout the supply chain, cold-rolled sheet market price is difficult to rebound.

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